Latest Results are in : Should People still vote for Trump One year later?

One year has passed since Donald Trump won the presidential elections, but it seems like it was yesterday when we watched Hillary supporters crying in New York City. Here is a reminder.

You can watch this video over and over and over.
The media was totally oblivious during the Obama governance. It was so intense that they lost touch with outside world. But the rich people in Washington were very happy during those years. Especially the Democrats who didn’t do anything about economic progress, because they cared more about cultural appropriation and bathrooms.
But that’s not the case for people in Youngstown, Ohio.
Hillary ignored the working class, the people in Wisconsin, in Michigan and other blue-collar voters.

That is Hillary who lost the election. The facial expression on the girl on the right side says it all.
That’s why it isn’t surprising that recent polls show that voters would vote for Hillary today.
One year after Donald Trump became a president, 82% of the voters will vote again for President Trump.
This is the result of Politico’s poll:
7% of Trump voters would vote for someone else.
78% who voted for Hillary Clinton would vote for her again.

76% of Trump voters would vote for him again in 2020.
74% of Republicans would vote for Trump in 2020.
17% of Republicans are undecided about who they would vote for in ’20.
40% of Independents would vote for the Democrat in 2020.
That’s pretty significant. 80 percent of Trump’s voters would do it again.
Would you vote for President Trump again?
President Trump cut a large amount of regulation, radically improved U.S. position in the world, appointed a rock star conservative on the Supreme Court. He also continues his effort to build the wall. He is well-informed about the need for taxes cut, the economic growth, decreasing the unemployment rate.

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