Obama’s Jaw Hits Floor With Jealous Thud After Seeing Trump’s Earth Shattering New Economic Numbers

It was bound to happen – Hillary’s friends turning on her – and we knew it would be a bloodbath. And we were right.

In shocking tell-all book Donna Brazile blew the whole lid off Hillary’s election rigging and our worst fears were confirmed. Can you image if she had won? And don’t forget she almost did.

Brazile provided the proof needed to break through the Clinton’s web of lies. Oh the tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.

The Clinton’s had been getting away with it for so long so they thought the gravy train would never end. But they forgot the first rule of Washington – when you have no power and no potential to get any – you are exposed.

People feared the Clinton’s because they were vicious but they had power. And they threw their weight around.

It was not good for one’s career to cross them but after her epic defeat, no one is sacred of them anymore.

They probably never thought this day would come, that they would be exposed as their closest allies turn on them.

The proof of what she did rocked Washington. For what was an allegation that could be dismissed was now a cold hard fact with evidence.

The media has to cover it now and they have not been kind to Hillary. But as Hillary was being exposed as crooked to the core, the Trump administration made a quiet yet earth shattering announcement.

According to IJR, U.S. labor reports for October were released Friday and they exceeded expectations.

The official unemployment rate dropped to 4.1 percent, which marks the lowest it’s been since December of 2000.

This is huge and a total game changer. The kast time we say these numbers was the tail end of the 1990’s boom.

And we have just only begun with Trump. Also wages rose by 2.4% from the same period in 2016.

Hillary is exposed, the economy is roaring and Obama’s jealous: It’s like Christmas has come early. Share if you agree.

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