The NFL Doesn’t Want People To See The HELLISH Thing In The Middle Of This Photo… IT’S AWFUL

Several NFL stadiums are totally empty as of post kick-off as the National Anthem controversy has reached week seven. This is horrible for the NFL. They are going to need to start charging half price for their tickets cause they are in trouble. Check this out.

This is what the Hard Rock Stadium in Florida looks like. the New York Jets are playing the Miami Dolphins.

The Cleveland Browns played against the Tennessee Titans and there are so many empty seats.

It almost looks like a Hillary Clinton rally with how little people are there. Take a look at how weak the show out was as the Chicago Bears play the Carolina Panthers.

The Lucas Oil Stadium has pushed “tons” of stadium seats during the Indiana Colts Vs. Jacksonville Jaguars.

If the NFL thinks that Americans wouldn’t stop watching games after they disrespected our troops, then they are thinking differently now. Holy crap.

According to Breitbart, there should have been a big crowd for the Jets versus New England, but no one showed up. The Texans, Atlanta and Baltimore also have loyal fans but no one showed up for their games either.

According to the Week, 60% of working class Trump voters now see the NFL in a bad light. Share this if you are still boycotting the NFL and wish they would just respect our troops.

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