Breaking: The Latest NFL Ticket Sales Numbers Are In!

The NFL is in some serious trouble with its fans. They are not happy about the protests that have been eating up news headlines for the past week. The protests are a disgusting display of disrespect to anyone that has every served for their country. And yet, the players are not bothered by this fact. They will continue on like this until the league finally puts an end to it.

They might want to do something about it sooner rather than later. As it turns out, NFL tickets are dropping at an alarming rate. That is what they can keep expecting to see as long as the players participate in these protests. Many people have put this drop in ticket sales directly on the protests.

TickPick, who is a ticket reseller for the NFL, noted that their company is seeing a drop in ticket sales of exactly 17.9 percent. Normally there is a seasonal drop from week to week, that can be expected. But last year it was only 10.8 percent. The drop this year is their biggest jump since 2014. That is remarkable given the circumstances.

Another ticket reseller, named TicketCity, admitted that sales have gone down by 31 percent. That is a huge drop and can only be associated with the protests. There is simply no other explanation.

They released a statement regarding the declining sales.

“While we can’t specify if this decrease is due to the President’s comments,” it said, “player and owner protests, play on the field, or simply the continued division of consumer’s media attention; the conversation around the NFL, this week, has focused on the President’s comments as well as the players’ and owners’ reaction.”

“As viewers continue to change their NFL Sunday habits,” they added, “it is possible that the number of ticket sales and the purchase price of tickets may drop.”

It seems like the NFL is not interested in helping themselves. If they were, they would be doing everything they can to ensure that the would remain popular. But that is not what is going on. Are you even surprised to see this news?

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