JUST IN: Barack Obama’s daughter murdered in drive-by shootout

Breaking news that hit the United states in this Wednesday evening,Barack Obama’s daughter was murdered in a drive-by shootout near her school.

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Sasha Obama,the daughter of Barack Obama this evening was murdered by organised drive-by shootout.The shooting happened around 6PM,when Sasha was leaving her school class.She reportedly needed to be picked up by her security guards who waited her at the front door of the school.Then,a black Nissan passed by shooting through their window,shooting Sasha and one of the security guards.The police started a pursuit right away,because there was a police car nearly.The ambulance came right away telling by the witnesses,but they couldn’t save her.The attackers were caught by the police and they are currently in custody and we don’t have any informations about them.They can face a life sentence.

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Prayers to Barack and his family.Big loss for him and for the humanity.

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