Dolly Parton Just Marched Onto Stage At Emmy’s And Did Something UNFORGIVABLE To Trump

I’m gonna be perfectly honest with y’all, I have no issue with people making jokes about President Trump. This is America and that’s their right. However, what Dolly Parton did to the president last night at the Emmys was NOT a joke.

The former Queen of Country music showed how far she had fallen when she, Lily Tomlin, and Jane Fonda used their little “monologue” to declare Trump a “sexist, lying, egotistical, bigot.”

Now, these ladies are all entitled to their opinion, however, their opinions are DEAD WRONG in this case and we are entitled never to buy their crappy music and movies ever again.

Then entire Emmys tonight was just a big Trump-bashing anyways. They used the whole thing to make jokes about him oppressing women like the Handmaids Tail and to declare their support for the Resist movement.

Don’t worry too much, though, folks. Hollywood is having their WORST year in decades because of their blind hate for Trump and his supporters. We are not racist, sexist, bigotted, or any of that. We just want to see America succeed!

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