BREAKING : Charges Have Been Filed, Obama’s Diplomat Arrested!

Charges have been filed in Alexandria federal court against a former U.S. government intelligence employee who is accused of selling top secret and other classified documents to Chinese intelligence officials.

Kevin Patrick Mallory, 60, of Leesburg, Va., was arrested and appeared shortly after in front of Judge Theresa Buchanan on counts of delivering defense information to aid a foreign government and making false statements. He asked to be represented by a public defender, reports Red State Watcher.

Until he left the government in 2012, Mallory had a top secret security clearance. Two years before, in 2010, he founded his own consulting company, GlobalEx.

Although the primary government agency in question is not named, two government officials confirm that Mallory worked for the CIA.

According to court filings, when Mallory left the government in 2012, he took the documents with him and sold them in pieces. Over the next several months, he allegedly traveled to China multiple times and met with an individual who is believed to have worked for Chinese intelligence.

Prosecutors say Mallory sent three documents containing classified information, one of which was labeled top secret, to a Chinese intelligence operative.

“Your object is to gain information, and my object is to be paid for it,” Mallory wrote to the Chinese contact, according to an affidavit from FBI agent Stephen Green filed in federal court. Mallory allegedly added that he would “bring the remainder of the documents.”

“My current object is to make sure your security (sic) and try to reimburse you,” the operative allegedly replied.

Mallory faces up to life in prison.

“The conduct alleged in this complaint is serious and should send a message to anyone who would consider violating the public’s trust and compromising our national security by disclosing classified information,” said Dana J. Boente, Acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security and the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.

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