ALERT: Mueller Makes Desperate Move To Remove Trump

Robert Mueller decided to get himself involved in the Russian meddling investigation.
The Special Counsel connected with the IRS.

He wanted to investigate President Trump’s finances.

The Daily Beast reported that Robert got the help that he needed from IRS, which is one of the best-specialized agencies in the federal government. In his time being a U.S. attorney he was enjoying his work with the Criminal Investigations unit. On the other side, President Trump mentioned before that he wouldn’t accept an investigation into his finances.

According to Christian News Alert, if this investigation is involved with the Russian examination, it can be a problem for Trump, especially because the agency can get a chance to see his tax returns. All in all, the White House had a problem with leaks before, so there is a chance for the public to see his tax returns. The main target in Robert’s investigation is a crime in the financial aspect.

One retired CI agent, Martin Sheil, explained: “The FBI’s expertise is spread out over so many statutes—and particularly since 9/11, where they really focused on counterintelligence and counterterror—that they simply don’t have the financial investigative expertise that the CI agents have.” He added: “When CI brings a case to a U.S. Attorney, it is done. It’s wrapped up with a ribbon and a bow. It’s just comprehensive.”

However, there are some reasons why this investigation shouldn’t be much of a trouble for President Trump. First of all, Mueller is always criticized for his connection with the Democratic donors, so this can raise a suspicion that the investigation has a political motive. The next reason is that the IRS has a history of targeting conservatives. They were investigating groups who were related to the Tea Party and some other right wing organizations. All of this was making it harder for them to receive their tax-exempt status.

Furthermore, one Tax Division prosecutor explained: “The fact that there is not a Senate-confirmed Assistant Attorney General for the Tax Division, and that the Trump people have disregarded it despite warnings as far back as December that they needed to fill the AAG’s spot… shows what a self-created mess the Trump administration has found itself in.”

All in all, not choosing his own personnel to run the Tax Division, it is becoming a bit of a concern for President Trump. There won’t be anyone at the division who will ensure if Mueller and his team are working reasonably. However, there isn’t any wrongdoing from the side of the President, but for sure Mueller is crossing the boundaries.

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