BREAKING: White House Makes Tragic Announcement About 11-Yr-Old Barron Trump

Melania Trump resurfaced for the first time today after a lengthy absence from the public eye. Neither Barron Trump nor his mother Melania had been photographed since July 25, leading many to question whether the Trump family is holding up under all the constant scrutiny of the left-leaning media.

Now, however, the answer to their absence appears to have been revealed.

Freedom Daily reported that Melania simply needed a break after the intense first few months as First Lady. A deeply private person, Melania is still getting used to life in the spotlight. She likely felt that both she and Barron needed some down time before he starts fifth grade in a new city.

This comes as ridiculous rumors are swirling that Melania and her stepdaughter Ivanka Trump have not been getting along. Liberal gossip news have babbled that Melania has grown tired of competing with Ivanka and is more than willing to hand over many of the First Lady duties to her.

However, Melania appears to have shut these rumors down on Tuesday. Daily Mail reported that she took to Twitter to talk about the destructive power of opioids and announced her plans to join her husband today for an event on the opioid epidemic. She will be appearing with President Donald Trump at a briefing on the opioid crisis at the president’s New Jersey golf club Tuesday.

This tweet has led to speculation that Melania may launch a war on drugs during her time as First Lady, as the comment is reminiscent of something Nancy Reagan would have said in the 1980s.

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