Michael Moore Calls for Citizen Army to “Swarm” D.C. and Remove Trump

The radical left can’t get enough of their violent rhetoric and anti-Trump coup fantasies, and the big-mouthed Michael Moore is happy to oblige them.

Moore, who has been struggling to maintain a place in the political punditry after a series of bizarre and inflammatory statements outed him as nothing more than a showman, has been interjecting himself into the popular culture in spades after the inauguration of Donald Trump as President. A controversial republican presidency is something that Moore likely believes that he was built for, given his liberal firebombing of gun rights, religious freedom, and 9/11’s global impact.

Now, the bombastic and bipartisan bigotry of Moore has come fully to light during an appearance on fellow liberal Stephen Colbert’s late night program as the filmmaker overtly called for American citizens to literally form an army and attack the President in Washington D.C.

“Moore was on the CBS show to promote his new original one-man Trump-skewering Broadway play, The Terms of My Surrender, which the 63-year-old director says is a humorous take on a ‘country that’s just elected a madman.’

“Going forward, however, Moore says an ‘army of citizens’ must rise up to take down President Trump.

“’I will say this: I refuse to live in a country where Donald Trump is president and I’m not leaving. So something’s got to change,’ Moore told Colbert. ‘We have to form an army of citizens and come at him like a swarm of bees.’”

Moore’s comments come at a time in which the American political left needs little coaxing to resort to violence.

Not only have New Fascists in Berkeley, California ushered in a new era of anti-free speech violence, but horrid physical attacks on conservatives have become nearly commonplace. The left’s “resistance” to Donald Trump has manifested as such, thanks to the normalization of grotesque, anti-conservative violence portrayed by Hollywood celebrities and leftist media figures.

Numerous music videos have referenced the assassination of Donald Trump, including bits by both Snoop Dogg and Moby.
Furthermore, actor Johnny Depp and CNN personality Kathy Griffin have both worked to make light of a dead Donald to keep their names in the news recently.

Statements like Moore’s are irresponsible at best, treasonous at worst. Such attacks not only undermine the rule of law in our nation, but work to radicalize a supporter base that has already gone off the rails with the shooting rampage of James T. Hodgkinson 7 weeks ago.

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