Right As She’s About To Testify, Susan Rice Does Something To Show Her Guilt ONCE AND FOR ALL

Former national security advisor Susan Rice’s testimony for the House Intelligence Committee has been reportedly postponed. Rice had formerly been scheduled to speak on Tuesday, but she has been rescheduled for a later date.

Rice has been subpoenaed for her role in possibly improperly “unmasking” the names of some Americans, some of whom may have been involved in the Trump campaign.

Former Security Advisor Michael Flynn was a potential victim of Rice’s unmasking, a transcript of his conversation with a Russian official later being leaked to the press.

Rice was expected to answer questions about the unmasking on Tuesday. The new date of her testimony has not yet been given.

Attorney and news anchor Gregg Jarrett came on Lou Dobbs tonight to talk about Rice’s recent deferral, suggesting her lawyers had told her to “clam up…because she’s in legal jeopardy.”

Gregg Jarrett outlines the three potential crimes Rice could have committed:

“It’s a crime to lie in your request to unmask, there’s only one reason- you would decide that it was [a] national security [threat]. If the document on its face says there are no national security concerns, then you’ve lied.”

“It’s also a crime to use your public office for a corrupt purpose, that would be to lie.”

“It’s a crime to unmask and leak a name to the media, likely Michael Flynn.”

Then he ended:

“At least one crime was committed here, likely many more.”

You can watch his whole analyses here, it’s great!

Susan Rice’s recent behavior- shifting her testimony to some undefined future date- definitely suggests something fishy is going on. Remember, this is the same woman who said Benghazi was caused by a youtube video. There is no reason to trust her now.

She will have to testify eventually, and the truth will eventually be unveiled. It might just take longer than expected.

Either way, her obfuscation is wrong and indicates she could have something big to hide. Share 1 million times to expose what she’s doing!

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