Mike Huckabee UNLEASHES HIS WRATH After Reporter Yells at His Daughter

CNN has come out and attacked Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders after she had a terse exchange with one of their reporters during a press briefing last week.

But her father, former Governor Mike Huckabee, came out and wiped the floor with them after this statement.

“I thought it was amazing that CNN is talking about truth and honesty. Getting advice about truth from CNN is kind of like getting recipes for the Fourth of July from Hannibal Lecter. I mean come on, they’re the champion of fake news and fraudulent news.”

Huckabee called the mainstream media a bunch of hypocrites for attacking his daughter and for attacking President Trump all the time.

“Americans aren’t stupid, they’re just not. They’re really smart enough to see through this, and the little video that Trump sent out they saw it as entertainment and they saw it as a tongue in cheek sense of humor point of being funny and you know the people living in the bubble of the media don’t get it and they never will.”

Unless the mainstream media wises up and starts to give the American people what they want out of their news, companies like CNN and Washington Post are going to go out of business and it will be their own fault!

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