New Tracking Poll Shows a NEW Record For Trump’s Approval Ratings! It Is Much HIGHER Than You Think!

Donald Trump Rocks’n’Rolls! Our president has the highest approval ratings and we are happy to inform you that the American nation stands behind Trump despite the mainstream media’s anti-Trump campaign. His good work will be rewarded with the trust of the people. Read more below:

Western Journalism informed that the approval rating of President Trump has raised by amazing four points in just one week, having his “approval index” reaching a 10 points jump.

Rasmussen Reports daily tracking poll presents that 48 percent of presumable voters approve President’s work and the direction that is doing, while 52 percent do not support it.

Rasmussen disclosed that 31 percent showed a firm support of Trump’s presidential activities, with 42 percent being vocally disapproving, which secures him an approval index of -11, that was last reached on 4 May.

Trump’s higher approval rate can be tied to his first overseas trip as president, which started this past Friday.

Remarks from figures throughout the political scope have predominantly been very supportive, as Trump went to Saudi Arabia, then Israeli and the Palestinian region, after what to Rome to meet with Pope Francis. This Thursday, the president is scheduled to meet with members of NATO, and then go back to Italy for a G7 summit on Friday.

One poll conducted by Harvard-Harris published the previous week reveals that even though there has been a lot of controversy around Donald Trump, the once who gave their votes to him would do that again.

He is holding on to 90 percent of his voters and his ratings are still above approval rating for both the Democratic and Republican parties,” said pollster Mark Penn.

It seems that nobody’s buying what the left sells. This is a good situation. There is hope that we will make America great again. As Newt Gingrich said, now the Republicans must show loyalty to the President, or they will regret. Donald Trump has a vision, a vision to bring back the American spirit and secure a better future for our people.

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