Trump Suddenly Leaves Memorial Day Address – You Won’t Believe Where He Just Showed Up

As customary President Donald Trump laid the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier today. He then gave a heartfelt speech in where he went as far as promising the American People that he would get to the bottom of and find out who the “Unknown Soldier” actually was. That’s a pretty hefty goal, but let us be honest with ourselves, if anyone can do it, President Donald Trump can.







But President Donald Trump didn’t just go through the steps of the normal ceremonies that are required of an American President on Memorial Day. After giving his heartfelt speech at the wreath laying ceremony at Arlington Cemetary today. He abruptly left and actually took the time to make his way to Section 60. Which is dedicated to the soldiers lost to the War on Terror after the 2001 World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks.

Fallen soldiers from both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars are buried in Section 60. And because President Trump is actually on our side in the War on Terror, he even took the time to speak with the Gold Star families while he was there.

When he arrived at Section 60 he met with Gold Star families and consoled them. One of the Mothers told him that during one of the last conversations with her son he told her that he didn’t want people to forget that he lived. He replied by giving her a hug and telling her that her son was up in heaven looking at her and smiling. After that Vice President Mike Pence said a few words to her and also gave her a hug. What a distinct contrast with what we had before in former President Barack Hussein Obama as our president for 8 long and dark years.

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