Federal Judge Gives Gowdy Permission To Exhume Another Body

The Freedom of Information Act tells us that Trey Gowdy’s investigative committee has received an order from a federal judge to have another body exhumed in the ongoing case against Hillary Clinton. The corpse, whose identity is being kept secret for now until it can be safely exhumed, processed and autopsied, holds new hopes that somebody will finally be able to put Clinton away for murder.

Rumor has it that that the committee was tipped off by one of the crew of the Clinton Foundation cargo ship Chelsea who witnessed something suspicious a few years ago ending with a dead body. Considering that’s all anybody ever seems to witness at the end of a trail of evidence left by the Clintons, this guy is a lucky man.

Not even the name of the cemetery or location has been announced to the public. Gowdy’s office says they will announce who the subject is by day’s end, after the medical examiner has done his thing.

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