Media Said Times Square Killer Was Drunk Driver – But Look What Pics Caught Him Doing

The lunch hour in Times Square New York turned into a nightmare for thousands of people in the immediate area, when a man in a maroon Honda plowed into a crowd. He killed a 18-year-old woman and injured 22 more in the process, in what’s been reported as a drunk driving accident. However, photos are starting to emerge now of people who watched it happen and snapped shots of the killer, particularly, with what he did after getting out of the car that changes everything about what the mainstream media telling us.

The immediate reaction when word first broke that 26-year-old Richard Rojas had rammed his car into a group of people, was that this was the modus operandi of Islamic terrorists. Spectators were quick to assume that because of this, the attack was an act of terrorism, until mainstream media rapidly squelched that idea by insisting that this man was a drunk driver considering two previous DWI charges.














While it does appear that Rojas was intoxicated and authorities have confirmed that he’s a resident of the Bronx, there are a series of pictures that that show something else nobody is talking about but needs to.

While much of the media has been filled with picture of Rojas’ car heaved up on some barrier posts and hard-to-see images of him being arrested, this news set of very vivid pictures show what he did right after killing the young woman identified as Alyssa Elsman. The 18-year-old was a tourist from Michigan who was in the Big Apple on vacation with her family, according to the Daily Mail.

Rojas jumps out of his car and rather than acting stunned at the accident he just caused, with victims bodies all around him, he launched into a seemingly drug-induced lunacy, jumping around in the street and acting like a crazed person. He then Rojas reportedly led police on a foot chase for three blocks before they were able to detain and arrest the psychopath.






Witnesses who spoke to the Daily Mail described a terrifying scene that the mainstream media isn’t reporting:

“He’s just mowing down people,” Asa Lowe, who was standing outside a store when he heard screaming, explained to the news outlet. “He didn’t stop. He just kept going.”

“After the car struck a barricade and stopped, the driver climbed out of his vehicle,” Lowe said. “He just started running until people tackled him down. Citizens just reacted,” she added.

He then Rojas reportedly led police on a foot chase for three blocks before they were able to detain and arrest the psychopath.


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