BREAKING: Bloodbath At Center Of Times Square As Horror Strikes – Here’s Who Did It And Why

Times Square in New York City has just been shut down during one the busiest parts of the day. In the middle of a warm afternoon lunch hour, as the streets and sidewalks were filled with pedestrians, horror struck unexpectedly, taking down multiple victims. Photos and details from the harrowing scene are emerging now along with who is at the center of it.

Fox News reported live from the scene that the total victim count as of right now is one dead and twelve wounded. It was originally speculated that this was a medical incident which caused a driver to lose control of his car and plow into a group pf people on the sidewalk. Not only is that mode of attack exactly what the Islamic State has called for lone wolf terrorists to do, but witnesses, pictures, and videos prove what the mainstream media is desperately trying to hide in this horrific hour.

Daily Mail reports:

“At least 20 people had been hit by the car, according to a reporter from i24news.”

“A photograph taken by one witness showed a maroon sedan, wreathed in steam or smoke, propped up on bollards.”

“Witnesses said the motorist had driven up Seventh Avenue in the wrong direction, first against traffic and then mounting the sidewalk, hitting pedestrians.”

“One dead victim – a woman – was seen lying on the sidewalk, her face covered with a sheet.”

“Others, sprawled on the sidewalk, were being tended to by first responders and other pedestrians.”

“At least seven were being seen loaded onto stretchers, a witness said.”

The New York Post reported: “A speeding car plowed into a crowd of pedestrians in Times Square, killing at least one person and injuring 10 others, sources said. The driver is in police custody, according to cops.”

Photos of that driver show a dark skinned male, appearing to be in his 20’s and was put in the back of a police car, which proves this isn’t a medical emergency that caused the car to jump the curb and kill a passerby – but a criminal act of some kind.

Witnesses on the scene said the maroon Honda was going at full speed in the opposite direction of traffic before plowing into people out in the open. “Just witnessed a car running people over in times square. scariest moment of my life. what is wrong with some people?!” witness Michael Rickerby wrote on Twitter. Another witness brought about a chilling account of what they saw with specific regard to the man driving the attacking vehicle:


Spectators left on the scene have just been rushed away from the immediate area after Times Square was shut down, near where the smoking car was left. This could possibly be out of fear of an explosive in the vehicle or any other imminent danger. As details continue to unfold, news sources are speculating that the driver was inebriated and lost control, causing his car to jump the curb. FDNY announced that the driver is a 26-year-old man from the Bronx with two prior DWI arrests, which adds to this possible cause, however, cameras in the area caught cops pulling something suspicious from the suspect’s car.

While Democrats are feverishly going after President Trump in a witch hunt of allegations and a desperate attempt to impeach him, they have been grossly distracted from the real threat, which this one is reminiscent of. Our adversaries see what’s going on in the U.S. and are taking advantage of it by plotting against us. Even if what happened in Times Square was the result of drinking and driving, it’s only a matter of time before a terror attack is attempted.

At that point, citizens will have to wonder if something like that could have been prevented had the attention not been misguided, or if it wasn’t an act of terror, when will the next attempt strike. It’s also these same liberals who will ignore the obvious details of any attacker’s description and refuse to call this a terror attack, before changing the conversation by going back to the investigation of Trump’s alleged Russian ties.

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