Trump Just Dropped A Big BOMB In His Shocking 2020 Campaign Ad He Just Surprised Released

It’s never too soon to start thinking about your next move, as any successful business person like President Donald Trump knows. He wasn’t ever in it to win just one presidential term since he has two available to him.  Winning the second time around would only be a bigger and better disappointment to liberals who are working hard his first four years to get him impeached.

While he diligently plugs away at getting America back on track, he also began putting together in next plan of attack for his 2020 run against whoever his opponent shall be. His fresh new and unexpected campaign just rolled out and everyone immediately noticed one thing very different.

In reflection of Trump’s first 100 days in office, he’s kept his promises and impressed even some of his harshest critics has his record high approval ratings seems to prove. He’s just getting started and the effects of his short time so far in office are already being felt and he’s not about to stop and the end of his first four years. Although he’ll have proven himself during his first term and making voting for a second easy to sign on to, he has a big surprise in store for what we can expect to see in 2020, much to the angst of liberal antagonists.

Mediaite reports:

“Monday, on Day 102 of his Presidency, Trump released an ad paid for by Donald J. Trump for President Inc. touting what he deems to be his signature accomplishments over the First 100 Days of his term.”

“In the spot, a narrator voice-over is heard speaking while various images of Trump’s presidency — images from the inauguration, an executive order signing, the swearing-in of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch — are shown on the screen.” This is a striking contrast to his predecessors entire eight years, proving he’s done more in 100 days than Obama did in two terms.

While these are all positive things to support his success in his second term, it’s what’s revealed next that is causing a lot of controversy which was likely an intentional presidential public relations tactic.

“America has rarely seen such success,” the narrator bluntly states in the midst of the ad. “A respected Supreme Court Justice: Confirmed. Companies investing in American jobs again. America becoming more energy independent,” the commentator adds, noting the verifiable facts fresh off of his first 100 days. However, Trump saved the best for last in taking a particular jab in the back of his biggest nemesis.

“You wouldn’t know it from watching the news,” the narrator said, according to Mediaite. “America is winning. And President Trump is making America great again.”

Trump’s campaign website expounds more on this menacing message to the media of his first campaign ad titled, First 100 Days: “In his first 100 days, President Donald J. Trump has taken bold actions to restore prosperity, keep Americans safe and secure, and hold the government accountable. The campaign is continuing President Trump’s approach of reaching out to the American people directly by highlighting his work over the first 100 days and fighting back against the continued media bias.”

Regardless of what the left has to say about it and what the mainstream media reports (or fails to, in this case), the facts are hard to ignore of what Trump has followed through on and improved in this country in just his first 100 days. Perhaps the truth hurts and they can’t handle how wrong they were on their slander mission during his first run, so he’s preemptively striking for the second time around, setting the tone that actions speak louder than words.

Rather than disputing the facts stated in his video clip, the left has resolve to criticizing him for getting a jump on the campaign 1,282 days prematurely. If being proactive is the worst thing the media can say about our president, then he’s in a pretty good spot. Who can blame him for wanting to get a little vindication and using his own merits to do so? He’s earned the “bragging rights” after the onslaught of hate the media perpetuates even still to devalue his success.

Whether they like to admit it or not, liberals can thank Trump for stabilizing the economy, revitalizing the stock marker, putting millions of people back to work, and cracking down on crime caused by illegal aliens and refugees to make America safer. Had Hillary Clinton been in office today, even her biggest supporters would have turned against her by now by now since her the reality of her campaign lies would have revealed themselves in her first 100 days.

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