CIA uncovered the biggest secret of America: who would rule the country in case of nuclear war


CIA documents reveal that America is prepared in case of nuclear attack, reports the Courier. Former US President Jimmy Carter, in the late 70s of the 20th century, began making serious plans about functioning of the country in case of outbreak of nuclear war.

In the case of a nuclear attack, plans predicted, leaders of the main command to order relocation of 60 officials from the executive at one of the safest locations, from which the primary one is the one in the research center “Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center” in Virginia. However, it is figured out that the air force did not have enough aircraft to perform this task. Furthermore, it was concluded that there is need for renewal of nuclear shelters, and new procedure for evacuation the population. Then further they realized that they do not have a script behavior in case of nuclear attack, even it was not covered in any military exercises.

So Carter ordered to unify the national program of civil protection with which, the survival of 80 percent of the population will be ensured.

After that, he formed a mechanism that would provide a form of commands and orders, in case of nuclear attack. The master plan was to prepare five “inter agency teams” of 50 people each, who would be displaced to different safe locations, from where they will carry out all the executive functions, and the main goal for them would be to find the real leader, the statesman of the highest rank who survived the attack.

Teams will interact with each other and with survivors of Pentagon, will receive intelligence information, and will be in contact with state and local authorities. Each team has devised a way to be able to act independently for about half a year, and in addition, in the plans of Carter there are instructions on how to re-shape the Congress, to mobilize the National resources and many other things.

Ronald Reagan was not satisfied with Carter’s plans, believing that it is not enough to ensure the survival of the President’s Cabinet. But his adviser, Thomas Reid, convinced him to make small corrections in the existing plans from Carter. How and much this plans progressed to today is one of the top national security secret.

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