TRUMP WINS BIG! President Trump Just Did The IMPOSSIBLE In Mexico! Liberals Are FREAKING OUT!

You definitely will NOT hear the Mainstream Media talking about this! Donald Trump just managed to do in Mexico the one thing liberals said was absolutely impossible.


No, I am not even exaggerating. Just take a look at this graph of Illegal border crossings of the Rio Grande (the BIGGEST crossing point for illegals) since Trump took office:

Wanna see it even better? Well here are the last 5 years in terms of illegal immigration vs 2017:

See? Now that is NO CONTEST.

Are you wondering exactly WHY they quit coming? Well, according to border patrol agents…

…Illegal Immigrants are no longer willing to take the risk and pay the high fees to come here illegally because they KNOW they will just get arrested and deported!

I mean this is so huge, EVERYONE should be reporting on it. For God’s sake, in Yuma Arizona, illegal border crossings have dropped from 1155 in January to just 336 in March! UNBELIEVABLE!

And what did Trump have to do to accomplish this Herculean feat? It’s simple, all he did was sign an Executive Order saying the Border Patrol were allowed to enforce the laws already on the books.

Donald Trump wants to protect the rights of Americans and will NOT see these people being let in ILLEGALLY to take jobs just so leftists can use slaves guilt-free. He is gonna make America self-reliant and proud again.

If you are proud of the job that President Donald Trump has done and want to help STOP the leftist media from hiding his accomplishments, then do your part and help Share this everywhere. Also send a Prayer for Trump and his family!

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