Horse-Face Chelsea Got Her Ass Handed To Her For Trying To Smear Trump On TV, You’ll Cheer

Chelsea Clinton is a con artist, just like her parents. In a case of fraud meets extreme nepotism, Hillary gave her daughter Chelsea a $900,000 annual salary to run their “family charity” the Clinton Foundation, using “donated” money.
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Chelsea recently went on unhinged lib comedian Chelsea Handler’s show. Chelsea asked her, “How does it make you feel when you hear her opponent say things like ‘Crooked Hillary’ and the things he says about your mom? What does that do to you?”Answered Chelsea, “It’s important to take serious criticism from serious people seriously, and important to take unserious criticism from unserious people unseriously. For me, her opponent falls quite firmly in the second camp.”She added, “I remember even as a little kid in Arkansas, she’d be criticized for being too serious or not feminine enough, or how dare she be tackling education reform instead of just being a traditional first lady of Arkansas.”Continued Chelsea, “The person that I know is funny and carefree and hilarious.” Chelsea got her dumb words thrown in her face when it was announced that the Clinton Foundation will likely be closing down. How awesome is it that Chelsea will lose her fake job?
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