Homeland Security secretary: Kim Jong Un ‘knows what he’s doing

Shortly after news broke of another North Korean missile test, Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said the country's dictator, Kim Jong Un, "seems

Tillerson: US willing to take military action against North Korea

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called on the world community Friday to drastically increase pressure on North Korea, warning that failure to do so could

US will continue to pressure North Korea by strengthening sanctions

Washington, 27 April 2017 (MIA) – The strategy of US President Donald Trump for North Korea aims to put pressure on Pyongyang to stop its

Breaking: Armed Iranian Ship Sent Packing After Encounter With US Destroyer

The Persian Gulf has seen plenty of conflict — and events in that region could bring even more tension, if a recent altercation between an

Trump discusses North Korea tensions with Asian leaders

  President Trump talked to leaders of both China and Japan on Monday as tensions on the Korean Peninsula have boiled over and North Korea appears

North Korea has threatened US with Superpower Nuclear Strike

North Korean state media warned the United States that North Korea could perform super massive strike, after American state secretary Rex Tillerson said that Washington


Tesla Model 3

The third model of Tesla, which should mark the start of mass production of electric cars of this manufacturer, is represented at the ceremony in

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Oops! Daughters Obama Accidentally Showed More Than Planned

Breaking News: He’s BAAAAAACK!!!!

Tesla Model 3

Trump announces trip to Mexico for talks with President Peña Nieto


Obama Devastated After He’s Booed By Stadium Full Of Patriots